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One to one and group classes for adults and children in singing, drama and dance.

Our classes are determined by age group, with the content and structure set specifically to engage with learners at that stage in their performing journey.  This ensures your child gets the most out of their time at the academy and has the opportunity to flourish.

Each class will have a different theme for each term and our Mini's and Midi's present a showcase for families at the end of each 12 week term.

We have a strong focus on collaboration and team-work, helping our students to build their confidence, make new friends and have fun during the sessions.

As well as the regular classes we also hold masterclasses on topics such as audition preparation and microphone technique to give your child the opportunity to hone their craft.

During the holidays there will be the opportunity to participate in extra classes and workshops.  Details for these are released each term.

The classes run during term time for a period of 12 weeks, with a half-term break dividing up the term.

We offer a £5 trial session for prospective students (dependent on class space).

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