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LAMDA Lessons - Terms and Conditions

By booking and attending our LAMDA lessons we assume you agree to these terms and conditions.

1-1 Lessons

Below are the Terms and Conditions for accepting a place in one of our small group LAMDA lessons.


Payment will be due by the date stated in the email sent at the end of each block.  Failure to make payment before this date will result in the space your student holds being offered to the waiting list.  Students will not be able to access their lesson without prior payment.

Payment is made for the full block of 5 lessons at the start of the new block, or pro-rata if joining us part way through a block.  No refund or reschedule is available for missed lessons within the group classes.


If there are no students within the virtual zoom room, 10 minutes after the start time of a class, we reserve the right to finish the lesson at this point.  The only exception to this is if we have been advised prior to the start time of the lesson that any expected students are running late.  There is no refund or reschedule available if a lesson is missed to due to lateness.


Once a block of group lessons has been paid for, we do not offer refunds.  The only exception to this is if it is able to be proved catagorically that the lesson content was not as described.  If you feel the lesson is not as described, and wish to request a refund, you must detail your reasons for this in writing here for our review and investigation.  Please note this does not guarantee you a refund, we will respond within 14 working days to your refund request with the outcome of our investigation.  Any refund agreed may be subject to an administrative fee of £15.

At our discretion if we are provided with more than 48 hours notice of a cancellation of lesson, we may be able to offer an option to reschedule - however this depends on our availability at the time of request.


If you are unsure whether the classes are right for you, please take the time to book in a call with us to discuss, and to assess class suitability for your student.  The assesment of student suitability for classes lies with the customer.


On the very rare occasion that we may need to cancel a session due to teacher illness or emergency, if a reschedule isn't possible, then a class credit or refund will be offered for that specific class (not the full block).

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