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The Performance Arts Awards Examination

Each year in the Summer Term students are invited to take part in the Performance Arts Awards (PAA) examination in Musical Theatre.  This is a recognised and accredited examination, regulated by Ofqual and at the highest grades offers UCAS points for successful examination.


PAA Musical Theatre examinations are accessible for all ages and abilities to enable every child to succeed.  PAA Musical Theatre examinations contain three core elements, The Performance, Technical Skills and Understanding and Reflection producing a well rounded performer equipped with industry relevant skills and knowledge.

Musical Theatre Exams are assessed in three key areas:

The Performance 

A group piece of musical theatre, performed from memory, in which candidates perform a range of acting, singing and dancing throughout

Technical Skills Demonstration

Acting, singing or dancing skills demonstrated through a series of short exercises and performed as part of a group

Understanding and Reflection

The sharing of ideas on the given topic based on the performance seen in the examination in a discussion facilitated by the examiner

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For students applying for work or University, many potential employers see Graded Performance Exams in a very positive way. Recognised qualifications demonstrate an ability to dedicate commitment to extra-curricular activities, providing evidence of versatility which many students find beneficial within UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) applications and for University entrance interviews.

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