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Training and Examination

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) is one of the most prestigious Drama schools in the UK, and both the school and their examinations have a global reputation for excellence in speech, acting, musical theatre and communication.

Parents tell us that studying for LAMDA provides their children with the tools to communicate effectively, build self-confidence and do things they never even dreamed possible – by just attending weekly lessons and stepping into the exam room they are doing something that even many adults couldn’t dream of doing. 

LAMDA is an accredited, recognised qualification, and at grades 6,7 and 8 students can also gain UCAS points – which could help them secure their place at their further education establishment of choice.

We are proud to offer training for LAMDA examination in the 'Acting' syllabus (Solo and Duologue), 'Speaking in Public syllabus and the 'Musical Theatre (solo and duo)' syllabus.

K and A have been taking the online LAMDA classes for the last 8 weeks and wow! Rosie has worked extremely hard for the girls in boosting confidence. K has ASD and anxiety, and the way Rosie connects and builds confidence in the children is absolutely incredible. Honestly one of the best online classes we have taken for drama and musical theatre.


"Performing has meant everything to me, 
for as long as I can remember."

Our Principal,
Rosie Skinner (BA Hons Musical Theatre)

I care passionately about providing a nurturing and supportive environment where students aren’t afraid of trying new things and challenging themselves. I focus on building their self-confidence and self-belief and I want to support young people who have a passion for performing to unlock their potential and experience the joy that comes from being on stage and having fun with their friends.

I can't wait to see where our student's paths will lead.

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Why study with Mendip Performing Arts Academy?

You're in safe hands with us.  Our LAMDA training is led with industry level expertise and delivered in an encouraging and supportive format.  We work at your pace, helping you build confidence, develop skills and prepare to shine in your exam.  We specialise in offering LAMDA training to students who are home educated and our daytime classes are tailored to fit your schedule.  As well as students who see a stage or a spotlight in their future, LAMDA is the perfect qualification for any child to work towards - whether to build confidence, support in speech or memory development - or to achieve in something more creative than traditional academic work.


In addition, all of our classes are online, so you don't need to worry about travelling or adding another stress or hassle into your schedule - you can even join in in your slippers!  As well as our one-to-one classes, we also offer training in small supportive groups of no more than 4 like-minded students, which give our home educated students an opportunity to socialise and meet new friends, as well as being a cost-effective way to train for a globally renowned and recognised qualification.

Our lessons are more than a qualification. They provide students with lifelong skills including the craft of public speaking, freedom of expression and ability to find their unique voice.

How do LAMDA exams work?

Our lessons run online weekly in 5 week blocks, followed by a holiday break, aligned with the traditional UK school timetable.  We offer classes in small groups with a maximum of 4 students or on a one to one basis.  Each week the students will start with a drama, singing or vocal warm up exercise (related to the syllabus they have chosen to study) followed by a run through of each of their pieces and time spent understanding the text to be able to speak about this confidently for the technical knowledge portion of the exam.  A student can join us at any point in the 5 week block if we have space, and we operate a waiting list for classes that are full.  We welcome students who have studied LAMDA previously and if you have no previous experience we will support you in working out which grade is right for you, and through every step of the process.  We also welcome students from overseas, but please note that the class timetable is on UK time and the lesson and syllabus is taught in English.


Students will also need to make sure they have the time to practice weekly between sessions.  Even at the early grades LAMDA recommend that it will take around 60 hours of mixed taught and independent learning time total to become exam ready.


Group Classes


We offer training in your chosen LAMDA syllabus in small, online groups of no more than 4 students.  The cost is £12 per lesson per student, and the classes are taught and booked in blocks of 5 (£60 per block). 

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One to One

For those looking to study intensively or at one of the medal grades (6,7,8) we recommend one to one training.  Prices start at £25 for a 30 minute one subject online session (one hour classes are available on request), and sessions are booked and taught in blocks of 5 (£125 per block).

Once a block is purchased, lessons cannot be refunded or rescheduled. 

LAMDA classes are subject to our terms and conditions.

Students will perform 2 pieces from memory for their exam, one from a set list of texts set by LAMDA, the other a free choice piece, based on the guidelines set by the exam board.  We have a recommended set of pieces, tailored to each grade and can help our students pick the piece that is right for them.  Students will also need to be able to answer questions about their pieces from memory.

Ready to find out
more about LAMDA?

Leave us your email address and we will send you our 'LAMDA - Skills for Life, Not Just the Stage' guide and current timetable.

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