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If your school could benefit from a workshop by the Mendip Performing Arts Academy then please do get in touch.

There is no catch, no obligation for further work - just the opportunity for us to spend an hour with a group of students from your school and deliver a musical theatre themed workshop.

Here are the details:

  • Duration? - one-hour maximum, but we can flex on what you need if timings won't quite stretch to the hour.  Equally we can divide the time between multiple groups of students - whatever works best for you.

  • Number of students? - we suggest 15, but again, we can be flexible.

  • Age range - We can put together workshops for a group of similarly aged school-age students. 

  • Do you charge expenses?  Nope, it's completely free of charge, within a 15 mile radius of BA4.  Beyond this we might need to discuss reasonable cover for mileage.

  • What happens?  A workshop of singing, dancing and acting - usually based around a theme or specific musical, again with some notice we can make this relevant to your current curriculum or lesson plans if required.

So, what is in it for us? 

Well, we'd hope that some of the students might enjoy the workshop enough that they'd consider joining us outside of school here at the academy. 

So all we'd ask is that we can turn up with some marketing materials, and the students can leave with a flyer in their hands and a smile on their faces.

Would you like the Academy to deliver a free workshop at your school? 

To find out more, or book a date, please enquire below.

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