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How Performing Arts is Helping Young People in 2021

Without doubt the last 15 months have been some of the hardest months known to the modern world. Having to cut off in-person connections has had a massive effect on society and especially young people – physically and mentally.

In a study by Young Minds, they discovered that 67% of young people felt that they will have long-term negative effects on their mental health because of the pandemic. More positively though, 79% of respondents agreed that their mental health would start to improve when most restrictions were lifted.

Being involved in a performing arts group provides a perfect way for young people to express themselves and relieve their physical and mental stresses even if they are unaware that they feel tense or anxious.

Mendip Performing Arts Academy provides a fun and social weekly class for young people to come together and collaborate on performing and engaging with each other which everyone has missed over the last year.

Perhaps now, more than ever, being inspired and absorbed in something we love or have a passion for, is at the centre of recovery and our own roadmap to the ever-changing ‘normality’ we all desire.

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